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year in review, a la sk4p

I liked Shawn's brief monthly blurbs on the past year, so I think I'm going to steal his meme for myself. Though, I'm not going to lj-cut each month, nor am I going to put it on three entries. Call me lazy. I'll at least give your friends pages some respite by lj-cutting the entire thing:

New Year's resolution was to get back into school, dammit. What follows is a haze of drunk for about three months punctuating large spells of work. Housewarming party sometime this month, it was a very good party.

More drunkeness, a visit to San Francisco. Got my license back, got my car back on road. Went snowboarding for the first time, and incurred my first snowboarding injury (minor).

St Patrick's Day party where I proved to myself that I should really take more care in my drinking habits again. Got my school stuff really going, well, at least got the paperwork started.

Camping again, got my first class registered. Went to Canada for the first time in what I didn't expect to be a running stream of trips up that way.

Went back to school. No, really, finally. My birthday was sorta incidental in there somewhere too. Ranju visited, reminding me what friendship really means.

Work, school, balancing act, woo. Car threw a spectacular spray of transmission fluid all over road, making me think it was the end of it.

ORIGINS!!!! Found out car is reparable, but I have a small problem with not finding the title.... which is still titled in CA. Ugh. Park car in mom's driveway until I can convince CA DMV to send me a new one.

Finished first class, got A+. Went to NC for Jennie's wedding. Took my time off between classes visiting Canada, which was very hot and irritable. Got raise at work though.

Started second class, the big one. The one I needed permission to take again, I don't ever get another chance if I mess it up. Nervous. Then, I tried to hop a curb on my bike, missed, broke arm and spent the rest of the year recovering.

Second surgery on arm starts this month. The rest of the month really is spent in a haze of drugs while trying to keep going at school and work. Staying at mom's, had a series of huge fights, one which I even almost left despite not being capable of living on my own yet.

Got to move back to my home again, though arm still in cast. Still doggedly concentrating on work and school. Somewhere in the late part of the month, I finally stop needing the prescription drugs to deal with the pain. Spent a good Thanksgiving in Philly seeing Patrick, Sarah, and Alex, and saying goodbye to KellyA.

Finished second class, got A. Spent some relaxing time in Canada, good relaxing time this time. Holiday season upon us, much hecticness for that. Saw brother and sister in law, yay. Seeing many people in from out of town now. I think the Storch Family Christmas (was tonight) is my favorite part of this season, though.

I guess my summary of the year involves a lot of good, one very huge obstacle that I've managed to overcome, and a lot of gratefulness for good friendships all around. Overall, I give this year a good mark, though I could honestly have done without the broken arm :)

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