gwen (gwenix) wrote,

I'd just like to say, Canadian money, despite its appearance, is not completely monopoly money, and it does add up. Wow, I spent a lot of money on my trip. Is good, was mostly planned spending, and I came in well under budget still, but I'm kinda stunned at how much outflow I accomplished in one week.

Oh yah, I'm typing with two hands again for the first time since I broke the left hand. I have to prop the left arm on my sweatshirt and a scarf so that it's not all willy nilly in space growing tired too quickly (I still can't twist it all the way quite right, so it's got to get just the right angle)... and I'll prolly have to stop typing with it soon for tired muscles in there, but I'm doing it. While I am, I can type MUCH faster, so expect more random postings by me again. :)

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