gwen (gwenix) wrote,

I am german by heritage, so my family has christmas festivities on christmas eve. Thus, i have received gifts, and my family obligations are done. Now, I normally hate doing a run down of what I received as I really am more pleased by giving people stuff than getting, but two things really need to be told.

1) My mom found some coffee table book on Canada from the 1970's. It's got a lot of really pretty pictures of the western mountains, but also a lot of pictures of scantily clad hippies dancing. Plus the wonderful line "... the rapidly growing city of Toronto with 2.7 million people ..." (for those who don't know, Toronto is now 8 million strong). I will have to bring this next I'm up for its entertainment value to Only folk.

2) An Uncle Berry gift, a singing/talking stuffed animal. But wait, it's no ordinary singing/talking stuffed animal, this one asks you about your problems, then gives a happy fun inane sentence about itself to cheer you up! I believe I'm remembering correctly one of the sets, "What do you like to do with your best friend? I like to ride my bicycle with my best friend! What do you like to do at night?" This thing is so going to nye for the entertainment value of drunk people talking to a plush teddy eliza with a richard simmons voice.

I am terribly amused :)

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