gwen (gwenix) wrote,

* Spell your first name backwards . nylodnewg, newg, ydnew. (all the first names i go by)

*The story behind your lj user name . Zach got online one day with a UNIX questioin, saw me, typed "GWENIX!" ... I liked it :)

*Are you a lesbian . newp.

*Where do you live . Mount Washington, Pittsburgh, PA. Nice house we got for a good rate due to it being a bit out of the way and in a mixed blue-collar neighborhood. I like all of the above, of course :)

*4 words that sum you up . gamer goth geek gwen.

*Wallet . Canadian money, receipts, lots and lots of cards (business, bank, store, insurance, etc).

*Hairbrush . Plastic light teal thing someone gave me once, and it works.

*Toothbrush . Home: purple thing that I should prolly replace soon. Travel: purple thing that folds up into a cap.

*Jewelry worn daily . One ring I can't remove anymore -- It's a pewter daisy my mom gave me once. I used to also always wear twoo other rings (one ankh, one other, both also pewter/other metal), but those came off with the breaking of the arm, and I now sorta symbolically feel like I will wear them again when the arm is in good shape again.

*Pillow cover . uhm... heh. I think I forgot to put them back on after laundering them a few months ago. Normally a light green/grey flannel.

*Blanket . One soft old blue thing I put under my kickass grey rose pattern heavy quilt I picked up at a thrift store for $15 once .... then found matching sheets at Gabriel Bros for like $10 (they're white base, grey roses, inverse of quilt).

*Coffee cup . I have a Beehive coffee cup and a cup woth a with on it for patterned cups. The rest are plain.

*Sunglasses . Lots and lots of purple lens sunglasses.

*Underwear . just bras, mostly in sad shape. Yes, I need to get new clothes. Yes, I'll put this off as long as possible.

*CD in stereo right now . A random energetic mix I put together for travel.

*Tattoos . Lower left back, one foo dog. I'm thinking it's getting to be about time to get his mate.

*Piercings . Standard ears I think are closing up since I never wear earrings anymore.

*What you are wearing now . Black jeans, black t-neck, black silk shirt overtop. No, I know you're not surprised.

*Hair . Light auburn, wavy mess. I'm still not used to this wavy thing. I'm getting white hair on the top right temple only -- something I hope spreads for a natural Rogue thing. Plus, I'm getting permanent dye purple highlights soon.

*Makeup . Yes. I developed an insecurity about showing my face without makeup on a long time ago -- more recently I've been able to actually leave the house without makeup on more and more, but not if I'm doing anything social.

WHO or WHAT (was/is/are)
*In my mouth . uh, my mouth.

*In my head . That's a huge privacy issue I have, actually. Everyone who knows me knows I'm fairly open about stuff, but I really do like to retain my sense of privacy by never disclosing what's in my head unless I really feel like sharing.

*Wishing . That I didn't have to go back so soon.

*After this . Prolly gonna go read some of the books I just picked up.

*Talking to . eyebeams .. now he's at work. Also saw kearsley and his brother at the coffeeshop today.

*Eating . mmm, sandwiches with veggies and cheese.

*Fetishes . Intelligence, Passion (not in the sex sense, in the sense of people being passionate about a cause, concept, debate, etc), Adrenaline (bondage stuff pertains here), and glasses.

*If you could get away with it and murder anyone, who would it be and for what reason . I haven't been mad at anyone enough to consider this question in a very long time. The only time I am is when one person destroys the lives of many of my friends. The last time I did feel that way was when a friend in High School was murdered by someone else in that group.

*Person you wish you could see right now . No one, I'm sorry, I'm just revelling in a bit of solitude time at the immediate moment. I guess I do miss my cat though.

*Is next to you . The stove, filled with the dishes I cleaned this morning.

*Some of your favorite movies . Ghost in the Shell, LoTR, Apocalypse Now, Boogiepop Phantom.

*Something you're looking forward to in the upcoming month . NYE at the Colony.

*The last thing you ate . The Only's "World's Best" sandwich -- avocado, gouda cheese, and lots veggies, mmmm.

*Something that you are deathly afraid of . Veins.

*Do you like candles . Yup.

Do you like hot wax . Yup.

*Do you like incense . Yup.

*Do you like the taste of blood . Not anymore -- turning veggie killed that taste for me.

*Do you believe in love . Do you believe in angels, Do you believe in heaven above? *ahem* Sorry. Yes, but not with the usual connotations on that question, though I've yet to really sort through my feelings on the matter.

*Do you believe in soul mates . See last.

*Do you believe in love at first sight . I don't know.

*Do you believe in Heaven . HA!!!!!!! I knew this had to follow! Damn 80's songs. OK, OK, uhm, no. Well, in a sort of Vanilla Sky way, I think that if there is an "afterlife" of any cognitive sort, it's what we create for ourselves given our own view of what we think we should deserve. So, if someone's really comfortable with their life and their actions within, they will go to their own view of heaven. Either that or we're mulch. Or maybe reincarnated. Or maybe walking the earth as lost souls. Maybe all of the above. Meh.

*Do you believe in forgiveness . Sort of. I've found that long term anger usually just does more damage to my psyche than actually being a productive experience for me and those I'm angry with, so either I just forgive and forget fairly quickly, or I forget. In the latter case, I figure if someone's pushed me to the point where I cannot deal with them and their actions anymore, they aren't worth my time or any of my brain cycles, so I forget them.

*Do you believe in God . Sorry, I tried all kinds of deity worship, and while I love the concept of tradition, belief structures, mythos, etc -- I just can't believe in superhumans controlling our fate.

*What do you want done with your body when you die . Burn me, spread my ashes in the Grand Tetons.

*Who is your worst enemy . I dunno, I've forgotten them.

*If you could have any animal for a pet, what would it be . Snow leopard, they're so cute! I love my maxx now (maine coon mix), and I'm always partial to chartreuses.

*What is the latest you've ever stayed up . I work nights, this is a silly question to me. I think the longest I was awake for any stretch was 70ish hours in my early college years. Just Wednesday, I was up ... hmmm... 30ish hours before sleeping 3. Finally got good sleep last night, yay!

*Ever been to Belgium . Newp.

*Can you eat with chopsticks . Learned in Japan when I was 8 -- I refuse to eat asian food without them, I actually prefer chopsticks to western tableware, really.

*What's your favorite coin . Japanese yen. The one with the hole in it.

*What are some of your favorite candy . Japanese rice candy.

*What's something that you wish people would understand . Themselves.

*What's something you wish you could understand better . Everything.

*What's one thing you want to make happen for tomorrow . I would love to have a grand reset button, but since that's just not really possible, I do what I can to live on with my own self.


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