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busy day!

Went to the AAA to get my registration papers, took them to the
autoshop to get the VIN verified, went back to AAA... found out
that I actually need my CA title to get things registered. SO..
car's not gonna be registered in time to go across the border.
HOWEVER, talking to others about this, we'll be fine without it.

Got some more cleaning done (also finally talked to my roommate on
the phone and got a scolding for the state of the house, oops!) on
the first floor, and got the car cleaned out. Also started packing
up the outfits.

Headed down to the hospital, seems that Adam's been released from
ICU and is now in the regular part of the hospital. Dave and Becky
were down there, we all joked around a bit, then some beepy machine
started doing its thing annoyingly, so we were joking about the
beepy machine beeping and the guy on the other side of the curtain
grumbles out, "Can someone please get me a knife????" Adam's eyes
are normally big, but I don't think I've ever seen them THAT big.

After much giggling, I try to fetch a nurse for both the beepy
machine and the next bed neighbor... 20 mins later she arrives,
turns off the machine, but ignores the guy next bed over (who has
been grumbling more and more about the knife, and apparently trying
to force himself out of bed past his restraints meanwhile as well),
Becky tells her, "The guy in the next bed is having some problems."
Nurse replies, "The guy in the next bed has a LOT of problems."
We laugh, of course, but it is creepy. Fortunately, some nurse in
charge of him comes by to take care of him before I leave.

(Anyone who is in the area and knows him, please go see him. I'm
sure he'll need the distraction from his creepy neighbor.)

Go home, finish up whatever cleaning I can get done today, take a
brief nap, now at work.

Whoosh! *pantpant*

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