gwen (gwenix) wrote,

YAM (Yet Another Meme)

last book you read: current -- silmarilion, the hacker crackdown (bruce sterling), noize! (essay on the sociopolitical ramifications of music)
last movie you saw: hmmmm. bowling for columbine in theatres.. i forget the last one on small screens.
last movie you saw on the big screen: see last.
last phone number you called: jennie's cell phone after finally getting a 4 day old message from her.
last show you watched on TV: M*A*S*H -- not really tv itself, i have the DVDs :)
last song you heard: Portishead - Roads
last thing you had to drink: dr pepper (duh)
last thing you ate: nutrigrain bar
last Time you showered: 9:30 pm
last time you cried: no idea. well, tears ran down my face because of biting wind this morning.
last time you smiled: now!
last time you laughed: a moment ago
last person you hugged: my mom, she just came home today
last thing you said: uh, i think i was ranting about ppl in support mailbox to my coworker
last person you talked to online: Dog, M, Patchwork, mari, Krister, QED (on now)
last person you talked to on the phone: my mom.
last thing you smelled: my hand, no reason, it's just in front of my nose.
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