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UF game

So, I thought I'd play this to see how long I could last...

Day 1:
Got out of bed first try.
Immediately called into meeting.
Boss was in Bad Mood.
Power Outage happened, but I was safe.
Went home, collapsed.
Day 2:
got up first try.
Boss still in bad mood.
My chair broke, and I apparently cursed up a storm, getting myself fired by Bad Mood Boss.


Day 1:
Out of bed in one spring!
But called into meeting upon arrival.
The meeting wore me out, so I got some caffeine...
then I napped.
I really should be awake, so I went to get some sugar..
then made a pit stop..
and went home.

Day 2:
Right out of bed!
And into my boss who apparently didn't like my slacking..
But, a machine was down, so I went to fix it.
After that, a caffeine AND sugar run were in order.
Which got me back just in time to go home.

Day 3:
Not so awake this morning, hit the alarm once.
Then my boss called to tell me not to bother ever coming in again.

I like this game :)

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