gwen (gwenix) wrote,

it was k3llya's last night at ceremony. for the lot of you who dunno who that is, New Year's 1996, she and I lamented the lack of a cohesive goth scene in Pittsburgh. By 1997, she, beeporama, and a couple others were the primary DJs for Ceremony. By 1999, she was the goth promoter in town. She's solely responsible for bringing in a ton of good shows, like the VNV Nation and Stromkern shows I've mentioned here, and a host of others. She's been Ceremony's DJ since the beginning, and always one of the favorites of all. Friday, she returns to Utah to be with her family again. She will be missed.

For those that know me, yes, she and I were at the University of Utah together a year. No, we didn't know each other until the old Oakland Beehive days. Now she'll be hanging around with a lot of people I used to know ten years ago. I sorta envy her in that regard. I do envy her being around good skiing, and mountains. I'll have to visit her.

In any case, I was very very very very drunk last night leaving the club. I wake up now only to pound some fluids into me and return to bed. But I wanted to let Kelly know just how much I will miss her, despite my never going out. There is going to be a definite Kelly shaped hole in our scene, and in my life. I am glad I got to go to Philly with her last weekend at least. Kelly, make sure to keep in touch -- IRC is always around, as is email.

Now, I sleep again.

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