gwen (gwenix) wrote,


one of the night shifters was let go, but all of the new hires are going to be put into night shift. i was just given the option of switching to day shift after they're settled; i refused after all. as much as this night shift thing sucks for social life, it does give me two advantages: class attendance is not interefered with, and lack of social life keeps me on target with classwork. guess i have a sense of priorities finally.

however, my schedule is going to be changing. i have to work sunday nights now, but i have the choice of not working friday night or not working thursday night. friday night would be good for social life and getting out of town on weekends, but thursday night would allow gaming later (with this fire, i can't come in late on thursdays now) and would allow me sleep before my friday early class next semester.

perhaps if i find time later, i'll do one of those poll things.

oh yah, and my cast is gone. my arm looks like frankenstein and my thumb keeps going numb.

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