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April 2011
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gwen [userpic]
Sigh, time to move blogs.

I just read this article, after reading it on Bryant's Twitter feed. While I don't think LJ is going away right away, and it has a chance of coming back... actions like that usually indicate that the heads of the company have lost their faith in it. The future for LJ is pretty grim right now, really.

This is sad for me, I've had a permanent account since the very early days when they gave them to anyone who sent them $100 to help buy a new server to keep things running, and that's really what has kept me here for this long. I realize its shortcomings, but I've built up my network here, what little I've had time to read and post to non-Twitter blogging has been here; it's like that familiar bar I used to frequent daily, and now just love to go back to just to hear people shout "NORM!"

So, what I am looking for now is advice. I don't want to leave LJ, but if LJ does go down I would like to have already found a new home for my occasional blogging. My hopes for this are:

1) Still be able to easily read friends' blogs (hopefully the same friends I have on here, or at least most).
2) Be able to link up all blogs so that when I post to one, I post to all.
3) Hopefully have useful clients for making posts, and potentially for reading.
4) Still be able to screen what I'm reading, so when I have a short bit of time, I can just read through my family's set of blogs.
5) Potentially be able to post to different "threads", so that I can post about different aspects of my life to different areas using one account... this might be wishful thinking though.
6) Eventually I hope to have a web page again, and I'd like to embed the blogs into it.

OK, please comment with advice and tips and tricks for this.

Oh, one last thing... there used to be a way to download your LJ into a PDF file. Does anyone remember this and know where to find it?


http://www.ljbook.com/frontpage.php -- a bit overloaded right now.

> Oh, one last thing... there used to be a way to download your LJ into a PDF file. Does anyone remember this and know where to find it?

http://www.livejournal.com/export.bml lets you export to XML or CSV.

Edited at 2009-01-06 03:37 pm (UTC)

Yah, that's a month at a time, and doesn't include comments. I could write a script to use that one, but not really what I'm looking for, sadly.

Twitter pointed me to: http://hewgill.com/ljdump/

This is just about perfect.

Thank you SO much! This is perfect!!

If nothing happens to LJ, I still feel good knowing I have it backed up. Funny, just the other day I was thinking 'you know, I have a LOT of stuff on LJ... wish I could keep a copy, just in case.'

wordpress or similar service along with using google reader. i've moved all of my rss feed items to reader and love it. i categorize so i can read what iwant when i feel like it.

That's great for feeds, but I doubt the majority of individual LJ users are going to go out and start up Wordpress blogs, and what I (and I assume most LJ users) am interested in with LJ isn't reading a bunch of random RSS feeds, but rather in keeping up with my friends.

There is also blogger. and this looks to be very good news for LJ lovers:


it was an afterthought. my first thought was wordpress which is what most googlers i know use. :)

Well, um, thank goodness I didn't buy a permanent account in that last sale a couple of weeks ago. I'd actually considered it for a bit.

As far as other options go . . . Ugh. Vox? The problem with any other site is that, in order for it to be even remotely the same, everyone would have to migrate there en masse. Unfortunately, I doubt that's likely to happen at this point.

Well, part of why I'm asking is to see where other people have migrated to (or will be migrating to).

I've been on Vox for a couple of year now, and I would have replaced LJ with it, if only more people had come over.

This looks like it might potentially work to do the download you want.

Hi, have you by any chance used the ljarchive? i'm trying to use it now, and it's giving me a synch error saying that I have some "auto-convert older entries from" box under 'Edit Personal Information page' and I can't seem to find this anywhere. I tried looking through the FAQs before asking, but came up empty handed. thankyou :)

Nope, sorry, haven't tried it. I just stumbled across the link and it sounded like what gwenix was looking for, so I passed it on.

I've been using ljdump, actually.

Re: Note On My WordPress Fandom

This is kind of my thinking too, although I'd add in a -5 for "always seems to have security holes." Still overall positive, though, and my work blog will probably be moving to a WordPress install soon.

As I commented elsewhere: I'm sorry for the folks who lost jobs, but I'm kind of glad to hear it. Staff bloat was costing LJ money and causing people to churn out useless features (like the new profile page) to justify their jobs; LJ already has way more functionality than a blogging site needs. If they can keep the operation costs down, I'm more optimistic about LJ being around for a while.

Gotta look at this from a business perspective, not a geek perspective. There is a reason staff layoffs can raise a stock's price.

Still, I'm going to continue to pass on those permanent account sales!

What concerns me is that the article states that they laid off *all* of their engineers. I'd be less worried if they'd laid off half the staff across the board. But instead they only laid off development staff, and got rid of all of them. This is usually a bad sign.

I'm not concerned for LJ. They don't need any engineers right now, assuming "operations staff" includes technical workers who can deal with hardware problems. (Even if not, there are always consultants.) What will happen is, they will hire people back (or hire new engineers) at fire sale salaries in the shitty economic climate. Or outsource new development to somewhere they don't have to pay California salaries.

They will probably also rejigger the business model to encourage more people to view ads or to pony up for paid accounts.

I think it's morally bankrupt, but there's too much money in social networking to just close the doors on an enormous userbase and popular brand name. Right now they're circling the wagons and waiting for competitors to go bankrupt so they can enjoy a near-monopoly.

Rushing to get off LJ is, to me, like a run on the banks.

Since LJ is open source already, it's probably actually cheaper to keep on a few engineers to vet the community fed changes than try to outsource development. And given that, it's also much cheaper to retain the people who know it.

My guess is that they're just trying to sell off LJ to someone else at this point. That'd be why they'd keep on the full marketting staff -- keep people around who can sell the company itself.

You know, that's really insightful. I can totally see this being in line with just trying to make it attractive to sell.

People who can buy companies can still get business loans. This is a market for the rich, and they are taking advantage of it.

You don't sell a company you bought for $30 million to somebody who needs a business loan. You sell to a group with deep pockets that is thinking five to ten years down the line. It might also be good for them personally; or maybe they have some insider information on political change in Russia.

Also, so far the closest to a "hard news" site reporting on this is CNET, reporting that the company stated the actual number of cuts is "about a dozen," or about one-fifth of the workforce.


A couple of other no-name sites have cut-and-pasted from Valleywag, crediting them in passing.

Elsewhere in my comments, someone pointed to the insider LJ news about it. Turns out it was 14 of 28, and it was across the board. So this is more reassuring.

I'm still going to look into diversifying my blog location though :)

Ah, yes. I think I'm going to wait a day or so to see how this shakes out...

Anyway, it does make one think, about their blog and about other services we take for granted. What if Google suddenly charged a buck a search? What if GMail was closed tomorrow as unprofitable? What if the gas company went out of business or our phone company went bankrupt? What if a bomb dropped on the white house? (Sorry, my paranoia ran away with me...)

I basically really wish that Facebook had a good reading interface. I can't get blog posts out of there reasonably, as far as I can tell, and making non-status updates appears to not be straightforward.

Holy smokes, I have to throw in-- after reading a few more stories on the linked site, they strike me as strident, alarmist, and hypercritical. I'll be interested to see what an institution like Forbes magazine has to say on the matter (they've covered LiveJournal in the past).

That's fair. I am not mired in belief that the reporting is totally straightforward. However, if they are at all factual, I merely want to prepare myself in case of the worst.

I really hoped I had presented myself that way in my initial post; I don't want to say that LJ is definitely going away, there are still many avenues it can use to survive. But it just looks grim enough now that I want to be prepared in case of. That's all.

You seem pretty levelheaded; but other people have posted this, and I'm seeing a lot of "run on the bank" reactions, with everybody thinking livejournal.com will be a 401 error in a month.

Oh, that's entirely not my reaction. More like, "Hmm, this could be the start of the end. If so, the time to work on changing my habits is now while there is time to move." :)

Article is incorrect

From the people involved (ie, those who have been laid off):




Re: Article is incorrect

Thank you for the information!

I would like to reiterate that I don't plan on abandoning LJ, just diversifying my blog to various sites. If nothing else, this is a wakeup call about being too dependent on one site.

Re: Article is incorrect

Not a bad idea. I tried this once, but it was too hard to maintain two sites, so I gave one up. I am leaning towards a more subject-specific blog (probably percussion or the RetroHaus makeover) eventually.


I just spotted a guide to backing up your LJ at http://brown-betty.livejournal.com/284083.html.

you know, and of course, not to sound alarmist or anything, but i will be sad if LJ tanks. On here at least, I can pretend that you people care about what I have to say ;) but then, you are all my friends.

If forced out into the cold, cruel internet world, chances are, i highly doubt anyone would care about or even read my blog. I'm just not that popular :\

I would hate to lose the community I've found here. I would hope that if we had to move blogs, we could find all of our friends again somehow. I would probably fall back to my vox or blogger. From blogger, I can read blogs on wordpress and typepad, too, so that would probably be the most flexible option.