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April 2011
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gwen [userpic]
The gothest Alice in Wonderland you'll ever see...

I forgot to mention this earlier, but since the review is out, I figured I'll post now. :)

Anyway, I saw "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" this past weekend, and thoroughly enjoyed it. It is incredibly dark and twisted, and done very well for being so. This is not a play for children or the easily offended; realize that the play almost glamourizes the child molester character (played by pirate_god, and played well, of course). But it is a play for those who are into dark and twisted takes on well known tales -- and I know many of you are.

So, it's my recommendation for those of you in Pittsburgh who are one of those sorts to go see it this weekend. It's at the Brew House (21st and Jane in the Southside) Friday and Saturday at 8pm.

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Doo, you *so* have to go.

MWHAHAH I love you