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April 2011
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gwen [userpic]
Spring Concert

OK, so I've reserved a table each night of my concerting. So far on my list (I'm foregoing LJ usernames here, y'all know who you are):

Friday evening (May 19th):


Saturday evening (May 20th):


Waiting to see where there's space available:


Since tables can seat up to 8 people, I still have room available for anyone who wants to come! Please let me know as soon as possible: the table arrangements are nice because they mean you sit with folks you know, plus the tix are $12.50 instead of the $15 they would cost if bought solo (or even $20 if bought at the door), but I obviously have a limited supply of those tickets.

Plus, those who are on the list, please confirm with me so that I can get the tickets to you (or keep reserved for those of you coming in from out of town).

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We still plan to be there, although it is subject to babysitting. What's the time, etc.? I should drop a line to doublecheck with my stepmom to see if she's still willing/able to watch the kids.

The concert starts at 8pm, and should run about 2 hours.


My stepmother is on board for the babysitting, so we'll be there! Looking forward to it!

Looking forward to it!

do me a fav and kick and remind Hunkie to go cause he seemed to think it was a different day or somthing when i asked him! eep!

*doesnt want to sit at the table alone:(

K. I'll call him later about gaming tonight anyway, will kick him on the way.

You gaming tonight, btw?

spork and I are supposed to swing by karaoke at PD's because our friend Tara is leaving town, I thought liz was going too. We can maybe try some beehive then karaoke, dunno. You arent in a singng mood tonight by chance, are you?

I'd be up for karaoke then. At Live Band Karaoke? I am at a baby shower until 9pmish, so I figure I can just meet y'all wherever.

i think its at PD's pub, in squill

I'll call when I'm out of the baby shower, how about?