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gwen [userpic]
Hey DC People!

OK, since everyone who responded to my last ping gave "early dinner good" as a response, I'll decide on the time for it: 4pm on Saturday! That should be early enough for everyone to eat. :)

Now... where? Do we want to eat in the city, near it, which suburb if not? What's a good dinner place to go that allows us to eat and sit and chat for a while?

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Whoops, forgot to respond!

I'm in town and may be available. Keep me posted and I'll see what I can do.

YAY! A Zach!

I don't know your other plans for the day, which makes it hard to suggest anything. IS there a particular type of food or restaurant you want to go to?

Well, I don't really have other plans for the day. :)

Oops, I hit the send button too quickly.

Anyway, as I was saying, I don't really have other plans for the day -- I figured daytime plans will be flexible and dependent on dinner location. In the evening, Matt and I may go to that concert, I guess. But we'd probably have to head back to his place to get changed before the show regardless.

My rundown of restaurants

You don't have to work as hard to get me into the district proper as Rixey :B
There are all the ethiopian places around U street/Dupont...
The best food place I've been to in Bethesda so far is cajun, which was cheap and awesome, but I'm guessing that isn't very vegan friendly, seeing as everything was deep fried.
OMG - there's a vegan soul food place by Howard!
I've been meaning to check out Vegetate, but it doesn't open until 6pm and is a bit pricey.
Asylum is Adam's Morgan has vegan food + booze, but would be a pain to drive in/out of on a Saturday.
I tend to go to the Columbia Heights/Mt. Pleasant bar/restaurants, like Wonderland and Tonic, they have veggie options and booze.
There is always the Quarry House, the standard Silver Spring fallback, and don't forget - Austin Grill's happy hour starts at 2 pm :)

Re: My rundown of restaurants

Ethiopian is happiness and joy for me, except that I'd be the only veggie in the bunch and putting veggie and non-veggie stuff in the same goop pile doesn't work.

Wonderland, Tonic, Quarry House, and Austin's Grill all sound like good options and along the lines of what I was thinking. Please note that I'm not drinking at all*, but I'm perfectly happy to drive those that are.

* Would you believe I quit smoking? I've been staying away from alcohol since I associate drinking and smoking too strongly, and want to make sure I'm truly and well off the cigarettes before I try drinking again.

Re: My rundown of restaurants

Oops, guess I'm not the only veggie... for some reason Tom's comment didn't come up in my gmail.

*glares at LJ's mailing*

Re: My rundown of restaurants

there's a vegan soul food place by Howard!/I've been meaning to check out Vegetate

For the record, while I'm fine with choosing a place that has vegetarian/vegan options, I'm not interested in going anywhere that's exclusively either.

Re: My rundown of restaurants

And this is exactly why I wasn't about to suggest any one set location for this gathering :)

Re: My rundown of restaurants

There's also a really good Burmese place in Silver Spring called Mandalay, depending on how much people want to spend (when I went there with a group before, we spent about $25 each, but that was with ordering several bottles of wine, appetizers, and desserts).

Re: My rundown of restaurants

OK, I'm doing a web check of the restaurants.

Wonderland doesn't open until 5pm, so I guess that counts that out.

Oh wait, the Washington Post review of Tonic specifically mentions both vegetarian options and PIZZA! So we know that Tom can be happy. :)

So how about this? Tonic at 4pm? If that's good with the people who are still paying attention to this comment set, I'll post as a new post to my LJ tomorrow. :)

Re: My rundown of restaurants

Based on Tonic's website, it doesn't look like they open until 5pm either.

Is there any particular reason we're looking to go so early?

Re: My rundown of restaurants

Also, Tonic's menu looks kinda . . . gross. Cheez Whiz? Tater tots? Is their main clientele a kindergarten?

I really was serious about the Burmese place. And you know me and my normal aversion to ethnic foods, so it must be good. And a lot of their entree prices are about the same as Tonic's sandwhich prices . . . (but again, they don't open until 5pm).

Since when are you a vegan?

According to your LJ, you eat pizza. That's not really Vegan.... Please help me understand, because the difference between Vegetarian and Vegan is *big* when you're trying to choose a restaurant.

Ewww . . .


This is an important distinction, because it makes a big difference in where we can go . . .

Right. That would be McDonalds cheeseburgers, then. :P

Oops, did I say "McDonalds cheeseburgers"? I meant "cock".

how do you feel about lebanese taverna?

All I have to say is godspeed in the organization of this all.
Good luck to you :)Hmm, if Tom will eat middle eastern food lebanese Taverna is good.